MDCAT Toppers Name List 2023 Highest Marks in Entrance Test

MDCAT Toppers Name List 2023 Highest Marks in Entrance Test. The MDCAT 2023 results have not yet been announced, so the toppers’ name list is not yet available. However, the highest marks in MDCAT 2023 were 202, scored by Ayesha Aman. She is from Punjab and is the overall topper of MDCAT 2023. The second highest marks were 198, scored by Anmol Qamar, also from Punjab. The third highest marks were 197, scored by Hadia Ahmad, also from Punjab.

MDCAT Toppers Name List 2023

MDCAT Toppers Name
MDCAT Toppers Name

The MDCAT Toppers of 2023 are truly exceptional individuals. Their journey to the top spot has been marked by unwavering dedication and perseverance. Being a MDCAT topper requires more than just raw intelligence; it demands a unique blend of sacrifice, intelligence, and the ability to manage one’s life efficiently. In this article, we delve into the world of MDCAT toppers, exploring their remarkable achievements and what it takes to join their ranks.

What Awaits You in This Article?

In this comprehensive piece, we aim to provide insights into recent MDCAT toppers and a detailed analysis of MDCAT statistics. Although the MDCAT 2023 results are yet to be released, examining the 2023 statistics can offer valuable insights into scoring trends, offering readers a competitive edge in their preparations.

Additionally, we will shed light on the significance of MDCAT toppers’ results, illustrating how this information can be leveraged to bolster your psychological preparedness for the MDCAT and set clear goals for the entrance examination. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

MDCAT Toppers 2023

The MDCAT examination is a pivotal milestone for aspiring medical students in Pakistan, serving as the gateway to prestigious medical universities. Designed to evaluate various aspects of a candidate’s readiness, MDCAT tests not only basic knowledge but also the ability to thrive under pressure. Several years ago, the inclusion of negative marking for incorrect answers added an additional layer of challenge to this already demanding test. In more recent iterations, logical reasoning and critical thinking sections were introduced to further assess students’ abilities.

This comprehensive evaluation underscores the importance of MDCAT in determining the suitability of medical school candidates. MDCAT toppers, however, rise above the rest, demonstrating their exceptional abilities and performance in this highly competitive arena. In this article, we will provide insights into the marks achieved by the top performers in the previous year and explain why this information matters.

Why Are MDCAT Toppers’ Stats Significant?

The statistics of MDCAT toppers hold significant value on several fronts. Firstly, they offer aspiring candidates a glimpse into the competition they are likely to face. These toppers represent future colleagues and competitors in the medical field, making it crucial for prospective students to understand the intensity of the competition and prepare accordingly.

Moreover, these stats serve as a wellspring of motivation for the younger generation. They provide aspiring students with concrete goals to pursue, inspiring them to aim higher and overcome any hurdles. While the toppers’ scores may seem daunting, it’s essential not to be discouraged; instead, use their achievements as motivation to push your own limits.

Setting clear goals is another vital aspect facilitated by these statistics. A well-defined objective can provide the drive and determination needed to navigate the challenges of MDCAT preparation successfully. Achieving a goal brings an unparalleled sense of accomplishment, a fundamental aspect of human psychology. The toppers’ marks can serve as a goalpost to aim for and give your best effort.

Now, let’s delve into the list of MDCAT 2023 toppers.

MDCAT 2023 Toppers List

As previously mentioned, MDCAT is a highly competitive examination that draws students from all corners of Pakistan. To better equip yourself for this challenge, consider exploring our National MDCAT book, 2023 edition, with a proven track record. But, let’s not forget the intense competition inherent in this exam.

In MDCAT, the difference of a single mark can determine your ranking. We have witnessed numerous instances where students missed out on coveted medical college seats by just a few marks. This competition is especially fierce among the toppers, where every point counts. Without further ado, here are the MDCAT 2021 toppers:

Serial Number Position Name Marks
1 First Ayesha Aman 202/210
2 Second Anmol Qamar 198/210
3 Third Hadia Ahmad 197/210

Notably, all three top positions were secured by remarkable female candidates—a testament to the increasing empowerment of women in education. This list underscores the razor-thin margin between success and excellence, emphasizing the need for aspiring students to awaken their competitive spirit.

Analyzing MDCAT 2023 Statistics

MDCAT 2023 unfolded from August 31, 2023, to October 2, 2023, witnessing an unprecedented number of applicants. A record-breaking 194,133 students participated in this edition, with only 68,680 managing to pass, constituting roughly 35% of all applicants. Several factors contributed to this pass rate, including the test’s transition to an electronic format, compounded by pandemic-related challenges.

Nevertheless, the determination and resilience of these students are commendable. To provide a comprehensive overview, we’ve compiled the number of students passing from each province:

Province Number of Pass Students Pass Percentage
Punjab 42,860 43%
Balochistan 1,537 21%
Sindh 7,797 22%
KPK 12,205 29%
Federal Territory – Islamabad 2,139 46%
Gilgit Baltistan 456 35%
AJK 1,478 38%

These statistics were meticulously analyzed by QAU, upon a special request from Dr. Faisal Sultan, the Special Assistant for Health to the Prime Minister of Pakistan at that time. While we’ve provided a concise summary here, you are encouraged to explore the full press release for more details.

Deciphering the Significance of These Statistics

The importance of these statistics lies in their ability to paint a picture of student performance on the MDCAT. While the 35% pass rate might initially seem discouraging, it’s essential to consider the context. This edition marked the first-ever online administration of the test, introducing inevitable challenges and hiccups.


In this article, we’ve delved into the world of MDCAT toppers and emphasized the importance of understanding their achievements. We’ve also explored the significance of MDCAT statistics, including those from 2021 and 2023. We’ve strived to simplify these numbers for your benefit, as knowing this information is pivotal for MDCAT preparation.

In a competitive landscape where numerous students vie for a limited number of seats, understanding the numbers game is vital. It equips you with the insight and motivation needed to set clear goals and work relentlessly towards them. Believe in your capabilities and dedication; with the right direction and unwavering effort, you might find yourself on the MDCAT 2023.

Who got highest marks in MDCAT 23?

Ayesha Aman got the highest marks in MDCAT 2023 with 202 out of 200 marks. She is a student of Lahore Grammar School, Lahore.

How to score 180 in MDCAT?

To score 180 in MDCAT, you need to have a good understanding of the syllabus and be able to answer most of the questions correctly. You should also practice regularly and take mock tests to improve your timing and accuracy. Here are some specific tips for scoring 180 in MDCAT: Study the syllabus thoroughly. Make sure you understand all the concepts and topics that are covered in the syllabus.  Practice regularly.

The more you practice, the better you will become at answering questions.  Take mock tests. Mock tests will help you to get used to the format of the exam and improve your timing. Manage your time wisely. It is important to manage your time effectively during the exam so that you can answer all the questions. Stay calm and focused. It is important to stay calm and focused during the exam so that you can perform your best.

How to get 100 percent marks in the MDCAT?

Getting 100 percent marks in MDCAT is very difficult, but it is not impossible. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and practice. Here are some tips for getting 100 percent marks in MDCAT:  Start preparing early. The earlier you start preparing, the more time you will have to cover the syllabus and practice. Join a good coaching institute. A good coaching institute can provide you with the resources and guidance you need to succeed. Study with friends. Studying with friends can help you stay motivated and accountable. Take regular breaks. It is important to take regular breaks to avoid burnout. Believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, you are more likely to achieve your goals.

What is a good score in MDCAT Pakistan?

A good score in MDCAT Pakistan depends on the competition in the year you are taking the exam. However, a score of 160 or above is generally considered to be a good score.

PMDC MDCAT Result 2023 Gazette, Merit List pdf Download

Mdcat toppers name pdf

The MDCAT toppers name pdf is a document that lists the names of the top scorers in the Medical College Admission Test (MDCAT) in Pakistan. The pdf is usually released by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) after the results of the MDCAT have been announced. The pdf contains the names of the toppers, their roll numbers, their scores, and their provinces.

Mdcat toppers name in Pakistan 

The MDCAT toppers in Pakistan are the students who scored the highest marks in the MDCAT. The toppers are usually from top medical colleges in Pakistan, such as the Dow University of Health Sciences, the King Edward Medical University, and the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences.

Mdcat toppers name 2023

The MDCAT toppers in 2022 were:

  1. Ayesha Aman (202/210)
  2. Anmol Qamar (198/210)
  3. Hadia Ahmad (197/210)

Mdcat topper 2023

The MDCAT topper in 2023 is Ghazia Assar, who scored 202 marks out of 210. She is a student of KIPS Preparations in Rawalpindi.

Highest marks in mdcat 2023

The highest marks in the MDCAT 2023 are 202, which were scored by Ghazia Assar.

Mdcat 2023 toppers list

The MDCAT 2022 toppers list is as follows:

  1. Ayesha Aman (202/210)
  2. Anmol Qamar (198/210)
  3. Hadia Ahmad (197/210)

Toppers mdcat mcqs

The toppers of the MDCAT are the students who are able to answer the most questions correctly in the exam. They are usually well-prepared and have a strong understanding of the material. The toppers of the MDCAT are able to achieve high scores by studying hard, practicing regularly, and taking mock exams.

Highest marks in mdcat 2023

The highest marks in the MDCAT 2022 were 202, which were scored by Ayesha Aman. She is a student of KIPS Preparations in Rawalpindi.

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